Established in 1949 under the name of Macneill & Barry Limited to do business inter alia as General Merchants, Agency Business and Manufacture of all kinds of articles, the Company became a Multidivisional Company with interests among other things in Manufacture of Tea, Jute, Engineering and Reprographic Items.

As a result of certain mergers and demergers over a period of time, as is dealt with separately in this website under the heading - HISTORY OF WILLIAMSON MAGOR & CO. LIMITED, it became a pure Investment and Group Shareholding Company in the year 1998 and finally got registered as a NBFC with Reserve Bank of India on 31st March, 2003 and since then is carrying on the principal business of investments and lending of funds.

The Company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, The National Stock Exchange of India and The Calcutta Stock Exchange.

The Company owns a ten storeyed building at Four Mangoe Lane, Surendra Mohan Ghosh Sarani, Kolkata 700001 where the Registered Office of the Company is situated. The Company being the major Group Shareholding Company, the Group is popularly known as "WILLIAMSON MAGOR GROUP."

The Board

Mr. Lakshman Singh

Ms. Lyla Cherian

Mr. Debasish Lahiri

Mr. Chandan Mitra

Mr. Bharat Bhatt

Mrs Ishita Ray


Sk Javed Akhtar

Manager & CFO

Mr Sudipta Chakraborty


V. Singhi & Associates (Chartered Accountants)


HDFC Bank Ltd.
ICICI Bank Ltd.
Standard Chartered Bank
United Bank of India

Share Transfer Agents

23 R N Mukherjee Road
5th Floor
Kolkata - 700001

Registered Office

Four Mangoe Lane
Surendra Mohan Ghosh Sarani
Kolkata 700 001